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Showtime, L.A. and the San Diego Zoo

Friday, August 13th, 2010

Some people know this already, but here’s the official announcement: I just got back from L.A., where I performed in the LOL Comedy Festival, in the show “Louie Anderson Presents,” which will air on Showtime later this year. (I also attended Stand-Up Mastery, which was an amazing experience itself, and deserves its own post!)

I want to say (as publicly as I can) THANK YOU to Louie Anderson, and THANK YOU to the people at Showtime.

The entire experience might have seemed completely surreal, except that I made a conscious effort to enjoy it, moment by moment, which is something I’m just now learning to do.

On Monday, I decided that I needed to celebrate, so I went to the San Diego Zoo. I was mostly excited to see the polar bears. I texted my wife, who replied that we have polar bears at Como Zoo here in Minneapolis. And it’s a good thing we do, because the polar bears at the San Diego Zoo seemed pretty lazy. I could see only one of them, and he slept for about an hour, then he walked into his little apartment and they shut the door.

The good news is that while I was watching the Grizzly Bears, an official Zoo Lady showed up and started throwing food at them. She just threw a few peanuts, and they went crazy. I got some pictures, and I’m going to try to post them below.