Everything’s (Almost) New

So I announced in my newsletter–you can sign up for it here: http://yourmailinglistprovider.com/xgebymjjgmgb–that I’m making some changes this year.

First, I’m making it a goal to post something on my website every week–a video, a blog post, an update I’m working on.

Second, I’m starting to send a newsletter with updates once a month.

And third, I’m updating my site. I have no ETA since I’m doing it all myself from the ground up.

So here’s my first weekly update and new new video. Last week I made it to the finals of the World Series of Comedy Satellite Contest at Goonies in Rochester, MN. This means that I’m qualified to attend the Main Event happening in Las Vegas this September. Contests are such a mixed bag for me. I get really competitive and sometimes take it too hard if I don’t advance. On the other hand, I really enjoyed doing the satellite contest last week, I felt very energized by it. So for right now, my plan is to do the Main Event.

And finally today, here’s a brand new video, “My Car is on Fire!”:

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