Something is Better Than Nothing: My Video-Posting Plan

So it turns out that the goal of posting a new video every week is ambitious. That is, if the quality of the video is important to me, and it is. I record almost every set that I do, so I have tons of video, but I’m still trying to decide what exactly my “posting plan” is.

OPTION 1: Post a new video of stand-up every week. I got this idea after reading a book, “Show Your Work,” by Austin Kleon, which has some really interesting ideas about sharing your artistic process, as opposed to just your finished product.

Pro: This would be a kind of a behind-the-scenes look at how I work on my comedy. I don’t know of any other comedians that do this, and I think it would be neat.

Con: There are two reasons no other comedians do this: 1) if people are thinking about hiring you, you’d rather let them watch polished videos than works-in-progress, and 2) comedians don’t want all their material out there in the world. The idea is that comedy like a magic act–if everybody sees it, the mystery vanishes. But I think comedy is more like music–people want to see live performances of jokes they love just like they want to hear live music that they love.

OPTION 2: Post something every week, even if it’s not stand-up, like a funny sketch or . . . who knows?

Pro: Posting something every week, especially on a schedule, supposedly encourages people to subscribe and follow you, gets more views, and might help bring more people to live shows.

Con: While it’s easy to post something on a frequent schedule, it’s impossible to guarantee that every post will be very funny or high quality. And doing something just to get views feels like a gimmick, it’s not authentic. Also, for me, live stand-up comedy is just much more exciting than Youtube. If I could be a Youtube star, and that would bring people to shows, great, but I think of Youtube as a tool, not an end goal.

OPTION 3: Keep doing what I’m doing now, but more often. Share a video only when I have something that I really like.

Pro: My videos will be at a quality that I like, I won’t risk over-sharing, and potential customers will see more polished material.

Con: This is sort of what I’ve always done, just not all that frequently, and it feels a little boring. I kind of want to try something new.

OPTION 4: ??? (I’m sure I haven’t thought of all the possibilities.)

So, to sum it all up, if you visit this site, or my Youtube channel, you’ll hopefully be seeing more regular stuff. But what stuff exactly, and how frequently, I’m not sure yet.

If you’ve read this far, I would love to hear your input. Please comment below. (If you haven’t commented before, I have to approve it, because I get a lot of spam, but I’ll try to check frequently for new comments on this post.) Thanks!


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