I’ve never used my “blog” space very regularly for blogging. I’m also not on Facebook, and I rarely tweet. My focus has always been on writing comedy and doing comedy shows.

But if you take a look at my “upcoming shows” section, it’s empty right now. That’s because I’m currently not booking or performing any shows (except occasional open mikes).

I’m going through a bootcamp course to learn full stack web development at Prime Digital Academy, and I am *loving* it. You can read more about Prime here: https://primeacademy.io.

Web Development is something I’ve been interested in for a very long time. For at least ten years, I’ve been teaching myself with various books and (the great website) Lynda.com. (By the way, in some places, like Hennepin County in Minnesota, you can get free access to all Lynda.com courses with just a library card!)

I’m currently in week 10 of Prime’s 18-week program and soon I’ll be starting work on a solo project, which is something I am very, very excited about. It’s based on an idea I’ve been working on for years, and it is definitely related to comedy.

In other news . . . before I started Prime’s intensive, every-weekday in-class portion of the program, I went to Chicago for the World Series of Comedy Satellite Tournament at Zanies (near O’Hare), and I finished in second place. So I am definitely not planning to leave the comedy game, I’m just on hiatus.


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